Opinicus Wealth Management: Guys with Ties and What that Means for Clients

Guys with Ties

Family ties of course.

And while you may not find the President of Opinicus® Wealth Management in a tie on a regular work day-preferring business casual, his family ties are building an operational power house for the growing firm. The recent addition of Jaran Day to the Opinicus team has brought Jaran and Griffin (biological brothers) and Griffin and Tom Myette (brother-in-laws) all under the same roof.

Opinicus Wealth Management was launched with small and family-owned businesses in mind. Now the firm is operating as such, expanding on the firsthand knowledge Opinicus’s advising team holds. Opinicus has specialized in helping business owners manage their finances more efficiently for the last 9 years. With the addition of Jaran, the firm is able to increase capacity while also expanding its service offerings to clients. This service is quarterbacked by the operational guru Tom who makes sure the wheels stay on course as Opinicus continues on a steep growth track up.
What is spurring such growth? One Word.


When you start to understand the structure of Opinicus, you understand that every member is invested. This is family, quite literally.

“Can you imagine within a little over half a year hiring your brother and brother-in-law? What an honor and yet a huge responsibility to work with these men. They are my family. Opinicus is no longer just the firm I love, it controls our lives, our wellbeing. Wanting the best for our clients goes above and beyond the fact that they deserve the best now.”-Griffin Dalrymple (President)

And wanting the best, providing the best, is exactly what Opinicus has geared up to do for its clients. Being brothers, they wish to convey the same regard for transparency with clients that characterizes their relationship. Their close ties help eliminate communication barriers and anticipate needs, which allows the firm to also increase the speed in which it services clients. The firm provides clients with financial software such as Opinicus Direct that helps eliminate client-advisor communication barriers and further increase transparency within the firm and for clients concerning their finances.

“I’m excited to be joining the Opinicus team where I can service clients in a more valuable way. I know the intentions of my team- they want the best for my clients. It is a great feeling to know I have a team I can trust to treat every client as a top client.”- Jaran Day (Managing Director/Wealth Manager)

These three brothers understand business and they understand the importance of family. Opinicus has proved an incredible avenue to merge the two. If you have been looking for a trustworthy firm to help plan your livelihood these guys with ties are invested. Invested in Opinicus and ready to be invested in you.