Portfolio Management

We believe investment management for our clientele must have a quantifiable objective in mind. We begin the process by articulately assessing each client’s financial goals and risk tolerance to create a long-term asset allocation. Next, we allocate the funds across various in-house models to help meet the determined overall asset allocation. Finally, we monitor the portfolio’s cash flow and capture ratio of the benchmark index to grade its performance. We tactically make changes to the portfolio’s asset allocation when short-term market irrationality presents opportunities to bolster our long-term objective.

Our portfolio management strategy is formulated through fundamental analysis and is not well suited for investors looking to time the markets or make quick money. A core Opinicus principle is to ignore the crowd and focus on the cash flow. Cash flow, when properly analyzed, can help render a fair valuation for an investment. Our highly sought-after flagship model, Opinicus Tactical Value, utilizes an in-house strategy designed to help create an extra level of portfolio cash flow for our affluent investors.


“Ignore the crowd, focus on the cash flow” – Opinicus Founder