Founder’s Message

From an early age I was enthralled by entrepreneurship, the flow of capitalism and understanding the wealth creation process. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family in the suburbs of Florida, I witnessed first-hand the trials and triumphs of growing multiple businesses and the lasting effects a successful or failed business could have on a family’s wealth. It did not take long before I began channeling my entrepreneurial passion through the outlets of investing and teaching. Upon enrollment as a student at the University of Florida, I undertook my first significant investment deal using creative low yielding loans to purchase high cash flow rental property units – a strategy called a positive carry. At that moment I was confident I had found my calling.

Fast forward a couple decades, I’ve partaken in a myriad of start-ups, real estate deals, rentals, business acquisitions, business sales, seats on boards, leveraging, deleveraging, strategic partnerships, and many peaks and valleys. I can now leverage my years of deal making experience to direct a team focused on stewarding the finances of affluent families and empathizing with the pressures and responsibilities these families shoulder daily.

Even more importantly, I believe wealth is a quantifiable tool that we will one day stand in front of our Creator and take accountability for our management (Matthew 25: 14 – 30). As such, I value the opportunity to listen and collaborate with my clients on utilizing their time, talents, and resources to make a meaningful difference in this word.

God Bless and Go Gators!