Our Approach


Our Approach

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”
~ Thomas Jefferson ~

Opinicus’ approach is structured, intentional and thorough. We do not deviate from our refined process because it’s our secret sauce to systematic, repeatable results. We like to think of the process as creating a wealth machine for clients. At a high level, the process can be split between two phases: the Financial Design process and Implementation within our proprietary Wealth Advancement Consulting (WAC) Program.

Unpacking the Process (Phase I)

Step 1: Outline Client’s Present Financial Picture

To effectively design a retirement or wealth accumulation strategy, the worlds of Finance, Tax, Estate Law, Risk, Business Strategy, and Investing must intertwine. Time must be spent to uncover all qualitative and quantitative data to understand the present strategy (or lack thereof). Our process begins with the thorough analysis of the following;

  • Income Statement
  • Income Need
  • Tax Opportunities
  • Wealth Risks / Protections
  • Balance Sheet
  • Estate Intent
  • Investment Outlets
  • Business Cash Flow
  • 5 Yr Net Worth Goal
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Key Employees / Mgr.’s
  • Business Opportunities

Completion of Opinicus’ proprietary Confidential Questionnaire (OCQ) and typically one to two meetings with an Opinicus Certified Financial Planner® will help provide the needed clarity.

Step 2: Analyze Data to Pinpoint Inefficiencies

Opinicus’ Team of Certified Financial Planners®, Accredited Investment Fiduciaries® and Business strategists review the data to assess areas of improvement, potential efficiencies, synergies, and goal attainability. A monetary goal and/or Retirement quantification will be performed to assess the probability of success and modifications for improvement.

Step 3: Design Comprehensive Retirement / Wealth Accumulation Strategy

A detailed strategy will be designed covering General Finance (income statement + balance sheet), Retirement (quantification + logistics), Estate Design, Asset Allocation (targeted risk adjusted return), Tax Strategy, Protection (peril mitigation) and Business Tactics (the “game changer” of your strategy).

Step 4: Engine Design to Propel the Machine

A baseline investment discipline will be established with public market securities, real estate, liquid assets, alternatives, and business placements. The investment strategy will be built in conjunction with Step 3’s risk adjusted parameters and potential retirement income needs.

Step 5: Educate Client & Outline Next Steps

Educating the client is our top priority. A well-designed retirement and/or wealth accumulation strategy is fruitless without the client buying into the overarching strategy. Opinicus will involve client requested 3rd party professionals (CPA, attorney, etc.) or provide our own people as necessary. The wrap-up of the financial design will include bullet point implementation guidelines.

Wealth Advancement Consulting Program (Phase II)

Step 6:  Assembly of Team / Outline of Roles

Management of a team around a cohesive strategy requires explicit direction, roles, and responsibilities.

Step 7:  Structure Reporting / Communication Frequency

Establish clear expectations around reporting, transparency and communication that satisfies the client’s objectives.

Step 8:  Monitor / Tactically Pivot as Facts Change

The one constant is change.  The Opinicus team will regularly monitor for opportunities and reasons to tactically pivot your strategy.