Do you feel like a professional juggler, managing intentionality with your family, employees, business initiatives and extracurriculars? We understand time is your most valued resource and your success hinges on surrounding yourself with the right team.

Opinicus was built by an entrepreneur who experienced the same pressures and recognized the finance industry is focused predominantly on investment portfolios and insurance, consequently ignoring the primary source of your income and wealth (Your Business). Our team is primed and ready to provide a refreshing experience of follow thru and relevancy to your finances.

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Multi-Generational Families

Affluent multi-generational families are very similar to entrepreneurs, with a greater emphasis on inner family communication and instilling the right financial mindset in the upcoming generation. Opinicus is a family business, with both related and non-related owners. We’ve been around the block when it comes to family boards, multi-generational estate planning, and operating large investment frameworks with multi-layered tax complications. We understand most clients that fit the multi-generational family profile are seeking the following;

– To minimize the number of professionals / companies involved in their family enterprise.
– To find a team refreshingly personable and relatable to each generation.
– To offer a “family office” experience that offers more than just portfolio management.
– Experienced in a establishing a “rules-based approach” to distributions and leverage.


Transitioning from accumulation to retirement is an undertaking that necessitates professional guidance. At Opinicus, we approach it with scientific calculations and an abundance of relational care. There is no shortage of strategy when it comes to designing an effective retirement income strategy. Allow our team to review your present approach to determine opportunities for improvement.


High earning professionals, such as specialty medical doctors, corporate executives and top sales reps, deal with a lack of tax mitigation outlets. The need exists to master and maximize their employer’s retirement plan while efficiently wealth accumulating for retirement.