Investment Management

We believe investment management for our clientele must have a quantifiable objective in mind.  Our process begins by articulately assessing each client’s financial goals and risk tolerance to establish a baseline asset allocation.  We then incorporate multiple investment strategies to further diversify the approach while satisfying the asset allocation baseline.  We actively monitor the portfolio’s cash flow and respective benchmark capture ratio to understand its market responsiveness.  Our investment team collaborates with the Opinicus Strategy Division to tactically modify the portfolio’s asset allocation when short-term market irrationality presents opportunities to bolster the long-term objective.  All within a disciplined framework customized to the client’s financial objectives.

Ever wonder how much time your advisor spends on your portfolio management?  Perhaps you should ask this question –

“Do you have an internal dedicated investment manager or are you splitting your time between planning and investment research?”

Our portfolio management is formulated through fundamental analysis and research.  We have a clear delineation between “Strategists” and “Investment Managers” and do not expect our advisors to wear both hats.