Qualified Plans & 401(k)

Corporate retirement plans can require a significant sunk cost if not sophisticatedly designed and regularly communicated to participants.  It is no longer acceptable to provide an “adequate” employee retirement benefit with an insurance broker who does not service the employee’s financial objectives.

At Opinicus, we value the opportunity to enhance your corporate retirement plan so it will function as a tool to attract, engage, and retain top talent.  Our team can provide a disciplined and articulated service that benefits both the plan trustee and the employees.  We utilize our goal-oriented consulting model to promote an environment of education and accumulation for the company’s employees.  Allow our team to help create a financial buzz around your office to enhance the wealth effect within your company culture.  Opinicus professionally manages corporate retirement plan investment strategies as a Co-Fiduciary 3(21) management or 3(38) Fiduciary (discretionary management).