Strategic Financial Planning

“That which is measured gets improved”
~ Management Theorist ~

The art of critical thinking, planning, modeling, (and many times facilitating) the strategic financial initiatives for Entrepreneurs, Affluent Multi-generational families, and retirees.  Money in motion creates opportunity.  Capitalizing on opportunity requires strategy.   Strategy is knowing what levers to pull and when.

The prerequisite to capitalizing on opportunity is surrounding yourself with trusted advocates – professionals committed to your family’s goals, dreams, and aspirations.  It takes effort and intentionality to build the groundwork of trust and respect before navigating life’s most colorful moments – marriage, business wins, the birth of a child.  These are also the seasons your attention is stretched and emotional cup full.

Opinicus planners are fiduciaries, independent of
industry quotas or proprietary products.

Our planners are rigorously trained, and each hold the Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) designation.  We are in the business of relationships and value our position as trusted advisor.  When it comes to a simple financial question or an intricate financial design, our people welcome the opportunity to learn what makes you tick.

Engagements can be handled for an hourly or fixed cost – whichever is best suitable to the client.

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